Wilson A450 11,5 inch
Wilson A450 11,5 inch
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Recommended For All Positions



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  • 11.50 Inch Pattern

  • H-Web

  • Full Pigskin Leather Shell

  • Colorway: Grey / Red

  • Recommended For All Positions

  • Double Palm Construction Provides Maximum Pocket Stability

  • Inspired By Professional Patterns

  • Real Leather Laces Ensure A Long Lasting Structure

  • Recommended For Younger Players With Smaller Hands

  • Rolled Dual Welting Creates A Perfect Pocket With Long Lasting Shape

  • Smaller Wrist Opening With More Secure Finger Stalls

    Lace up your cleats, pull up your socks and get those pants dirty with this 2019 Wilson A450 baseball glove. The Wilson A500 Series is a perfect mitt for the young, aspiring talent. Engineered carefully with Top Grain materials, in this case pigskin, this glove is supple and strong and suitable for any position player on the diamond. With its open back and cross-hatch webbing, it can handle the deepest, highest fly balls as well as the sharpest shots and nubs off the end of the bat. Designed with the patented H-Web webbing material, and a full pigskin leather shell, this affordable glove is great for a player just starting out or even a youngster developing his skills and proceeding on his way through the smaller leagues. Wilson: Peerless in Performance! 

    This 2019 Wilson A450 baseball glove (WTA04RB19115) is equipped with an 11.5-inch opening, an H-Web, real leather laces, and an open back, which will help keep those fingers dry and cool throughout a long summer game. Also, like all the gloves in this series, this Wilson A450 has Rolled Dual Welting, which means that the leather in the gloves is shaved thin and rolled, meaning extra suppleness and durability overall. The double palm construction on the front adds extra balance to the pocket and helps keep the interior of the glove wrinkle-free. This will add age to the glove, and help keep those stinging line shots in the leather.

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